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Stop Hiding Your Gifts & Start Getting Paid In Full for Helping Others!

With “passion + plans =profits™”, I help you learn how to get paid to help people and satisfy both your deep desire to make the world a better place AND provide for yourself or your family.
Learn all the proven profitable ways to monetize your knowledge and strengths quickly and easily. In order to hit $100K you have to be strategic and you have to have systems. Map out your strategy and plan like a boss to get paid like one!

Ready to make money selling your own signature courses, digital products, and memberships?


Whether you want to sell memberships, courses, consulting, services, or digital products there are onl THREE systems you need to the six figure mark EASILY. People will tell you about their six figure success but they won’t share their systems but I got you sis!

hey digital babe™! welcome to the community!

When I worked for large corporate brands and marketing agencies I learned very quickly that if you apply a proven Marketing strategy, it will work. 

I am very passionate about helping entrepreneurs apply these strategies and get results! My goal is to get 10,000 people to six figures.

I have over TWENTY profitable brands and half of them I started DURING Covid. Digital provides an opportunity that ANYONE can use and start making money immediately. 

I don’t care what  you did in your past and what you didn’t do. If you apply the systems and strategies I teach- you will make passive money on autopilot.

When I Started My First Online Business

I Had Ideas For Days But No Real Strategy....Or Sales

It doesn’t matter how much you know-you have to apply it. Organization is everything and automation is key!

I saw people who didn’t know as much as me make bank! There were coaches who didn’t have a third of my certifications who were ‘Gram superstars.

I became fed up and used the last of the coins I had to invest in mentors and training.

Then I understood. I knew what I was talking about-I didn’t have the documented strategies and systems in place.

I was so used to being naturally charismatic but to scale your business and stop trading time for dollars, to have multiple streams you have to have a system and documented strategy.


I bought a printer, paper, and began to use planners. I began to be a better steward of my time and the wild child got organized, planned strategies, bought systems, and documented my strategies.

Immediately I got a $2K consulting client and I now have over 50 streams of online income. 

This is not about talent but it is about repeatable systems and processes. And I’m sharing them all with you. 

For passive income the work is upfront-you plan the strategy,you build the funnels, and hook up the tech. 

This is what allows $10K months.


Work with me inside of Brand Like A Boss™ University

Some women are making six figures a month, EVERY MONTH, in their online businesses and that’s just the truth. They get there by having strategies and repeatable systems. That’s exactly what I share in Brand Like A Boss University™.

Brand Like A Boss University™ is your one stop shop to learn and earn in digital. You don’t have to kill yourself for a few dollars and you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to make money. My mother and I already paid for that when I earned my BFA in Digital Media Production and my Masters in Creative Writing.

All you have to do is plug in! We are in an age where you can make a million dollars from your cell phone. You absolutely have to have your startegy to follow and your systems in place. There’s nothing around this!

You don’t have to learn new things, you don’t have to go back to school. You simply need to monetize your strengths and your knowledge. We give you the entire blueprint to be successful. 

How do you start? By building a strong brand. Where do you start? Brand Like A Boss University™.

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Use our done for you content to easily turn your expertise into classes, workshops and e-courses that you can sell and re-sell as many times as you want.

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Use our content to quickly create your webinar and use our technology to automate your lead generating webinars.

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The money’s in the list! Our proven sales getting email templates are created to nurture and convert your subscribers.

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Done for you sales funnels can help you scale your business, reach a wider audience, and make money- all on autopilot.

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We make it simple to build a huge, hyper-responsive list with our new custom and exclusive proprietary software.

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Grow your online business with a membership website that keeps your customers engaged, generates you passive income and puts more profit in your pocket.

What's a Digital Babe™?

A digital babe™ is a woman who is ready to build her personal brand and online empire powered by ACTION. She’s a coach, consultant, graphic designer, teacher, mother, chef, minister, or beautypreneur. She’s ready for information AND application. She’s me-she’s you-welcome home sis. Your journey to six figure business success starts here.

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